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California Consumer Privacy Act

For California residents, by proceeding to interact with Fingerhut, please be aware that your personal information may be collected.

To understand the types of personal information that we may collect about you, please visit our Privacy Page.

Fingerhut/WebBank offers qualifying customers two different types of credit line increases.

a conditional credit line increase or an unconditional credit line increase offer.

Both types of credit line increases are very exciting! If you’re awarded either of these, it means you’re an elite customer, doing an excellent job maintaining your account.

so how do they work?

an unconditional credit line increase

An unconditional credit line increase is a specific dollar amount that gets added on to your previous credit limit and is yours to use right away. For example, if your previous credit limit was $500 and your credit line increase is $300. Your new credit limit is $800. It’s as simple as that. Typically, your first one or two credit line increases with Fingerhut are unconditional credit line increases

a conditional credit line increase offer
(a purchase is required to keep the increase)

A  conditional credit line increase offer is a specific dollar amount that gets added on to your previous credit limit temporarily. You can take part (or all!) of this conditional increase by purchasing. Your credit line will be increased by the amount of your purchase(s) during the offer period, up to a maximum increase of the full credit line increase amount. But hurry, it’s a very short-term offer. If you don’t make a purchase, your credit limit will return to the previous amount.

here’s what we mean: Your previous credit limit + we'll add up all you purchases during the offer period = your new permanent credit limit.

Typically, after you’re awarded one or two unconditional credit line increases, we switch to awarding conditional credit line increases. This gives you an opportunity to choose when a credit line increase gives you the most benefit. It gives you the power to decide if a credit line increase makes sense for you..

FAQ – Will a conditional credit line increase offer show on my credit report?
Conditional credit line increase offers are available to customers for predetermined periods of time within the billing cycle. If you accept the offer by purchasing, we’ll report the credit line increase to the bureaus during the next reporting cycle. However, if you choose not to use this offer, we won’t report a credit change to the bureaus and the bureaus will not know this credit line increase was offered to you. 

If you return your purchase, the amount of your return, including shipping, handling and taxes, will not be counted toward your increase.

have more on your mind?

We review customers’ accounts several times per year for credit line increases. Customers can qualify for a credit line increase as quickly as after making 3 on-time payments. And sorry, but we can’t accommodate individual requests for credit line increases.

Paying more than the minimum amount due on your Fingerhut account and paying your other bills on time will also help you qualify for a credit line increase.

This is a great question. We award excellent customers with credit line increases, but only you can decide if additional purchases fit within your monthly budget. This monthly payment chart is helpful for budgeting before you order.

Yes. If you prefer to not have any credit line increases on your account, you can opt out. If you opt out, you won’t receive any credit line increase offers. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to opt back into consideration once you’ve asked to be excluded. To opt out of all credit line increases please call 1-800-208-2500.