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Complete the form

  1. Click the link to open the fillable form you need
  2. Type your information directly into the form
  3. Save as PDF:
    1. Chrome: Move curser to lower left corner of the document to make hover over options appear:
      1. Click the PRINT icon (last icon, farthest to the right)
      2. Change your printer destination to "Save as PDF"
      3. Click SAVE
      4. Choose a location to save the completed document (Example: Desktop)
      5. Click SAVE
    2. IE: Click the SAVE icon in the upper left corner
      1. Choose a location to save the completed document (Example: Desktop)
      2. Click SAVE

Note: Chrome designed their PDF viewer to allow the saving of blank forms when the user clicks SAVE. You must click PRINT to Save as PDF to save your completed form.

Return the form

  1. Email: Start an email to
    1. Click ATTACH FILE
    2. Find the form you just saved and click on it
    3. Click INSERT
    4. Type "Affidavit" into the SUBJECT LINE
    5. Attach additional documentation, if needed (if over $300)
    6. Send the email
  2. Print and scan to fax: 1.320.237.9160
  3. Print and mail (See address on form)