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Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate?
An affiliate is a partner who earns money by driving sales to You will place banners/links on your site that will direct shoppers to We will reward you a commission for the items purchased by those referrals.

Why partner with Fingerhut?
Fingerhut is a general merchandise retailer that makes buying easily affordable by providing credit options and low monthly payments with a WebBank/Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank. On, our customers have the ability to apply for, and make a purchase with Fingerhut credit. Fingerhut often says yes when others say no. Customers enjoy low monthly payments, convenient credit and a 30-day Home Trial. Affiliates will enjoy...

  • Competitive commission structure based on product categories sold – earn up to 8%!
  • Occasional Bonus & Incentive Programs
  • FREE Content and Banners for Current Promotions
  • 15 Return Days
  • Receive periodic newsletters with upcoming promotions, promo codes, and program updates
  • We carry over 20,000 products across dozens of categories

Who can join?
You simply need to have a Web site and fill out an application online. If approved, you are free to begin creating links and content to promote Fingerhut. Our affiliate team will perform periodic reviews to make sure that you remain an appropriate Affiliate for our program.

Does it cost anything to become a Fingerhut affiliate?
No! Becoming a Fingerhut affiliate is FREE! There are no application or membership fees.

How do I sign up?
The Fingerhut Affiliate Program is powered by the LinkShare Network, the company that pioneered online affiliate marketing. Just click here to get started with a simple application. If you already have a LinkShare account, simply log-in, search for Fingerhut and click to apply.

You'll receive an e-mail notification the same day that we approve your site. Your notification e-mail contains all the information you need to get started immediately.

Where do I get banners?
We provide banners, text links and content to our affiliates to make it easy for you to begin. You will also receive periodic newsletters full of current offers and top performing items and product categories.

What kind of commission does Fingerhut offer?
Fingerhut offers a tiered commission structure based on the product category. Below is a breakdown of the commission rates offered:

Product Category Commission Rates
Electronics, Video Games, Toys, & Infants 4%
Domestics, Home Furnishings, Housewares 5%
Apparel & Warranties 6%
Hardware & Sports and Recreation 7%
Jewelry & Cosmetics/Fragrance 8%
* Commission rates apply to orders placed within 15 return days.

How do I track the commissions I've earned?
You'll receive a password-protected Personal Account page on the LinkShare Web site. You'll have access to a variety of detailed Web-based reports to keep track of your site's earnings and performance.

In regards to commissions, do I get paid off of the low monthly payment or the product's total value?
All commissions are based off of the product's total value.

If a customer defaults on his/her monthly payments, do I still receive a commission?
Yes, you would still receive the full commission.

How do product returns affect my commission?
If a customer returns a product for a refund, the commission is reversed. If the commission has already been paid, it is taken out of your next month's total. For information regarding Fingerhut's return policy please click here.

How and when am I paid?
LinkShare handles all payments and affiliates are paid on a monthly basis.

What does "15 return days" mean?
"15 return days" means that you get a commission on all sales that take place up to 15 days after you refer that customer to For instance, if a customer visits your site and clicks on one of our banner ads and doesn't buy anything that day, but comes back and purchases something from up to 15 days later, you are still credited for that sale!

How do you know which orders came from my site?
All links obtained from LinkShare, placed on your Web site and linking to ours contain a unique identifier. Every time a visitor comes to us via one of those links on your Web site, we know who to credit when a purchase is made.

Who handles orders and customer service?
We manage the order processing, shipping and customer service. All you have to do is place links on your site and start sending traffic.

How long must I commit to the program?
There is no contract length to our relationship. If you wish to withdraw from the affiliate program, go to your Personal Account page on the LinkShare Web site and hit the "delete merchant" button.

What is Fingerhut's search policy?
Fingerhut does not allow bidding on Trademark terms. The term "Fingerhut" and phrases using this term, or derivations of it (e.g. fingerhut, fingerhut credit, fingerhut catalog, finger hut, etc.), or misspellings of it shall not be allowed as biddable keywords or commissioned.

Still looking for an answer?
E-mail our Affiliate Manager at We are standing by to assist you in any way possible.