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Televisions Buying Guide

Important Considerations for Buying a Television
Choosing a television used to be a fairly simple task based largely on screen size and a few other desirable features. Since the advent of digital TV, however, you have a lot more features to choose from, including many features that you may not be familiar with. Using this buying guide as you step through the selection process will help you narrow your choices and make informed decisions that are right for you. The most important considerations when buying a new TV are type (CRT, LCD or plasma), screen size, tuner type(s) and signal support. Once you have those options pinned down, consider what other features you need or want, including picture quality features, connections, convenience features and sound features.
Helpful Hints
  Features for movie lovers
  Features for sports fans
  Features for gamers
Screen Size
Most people prefer a bigger screen when buying a new TV, but you should consider the size of the room the TV will be in, as well as how close to the TV you plan to sit and at what angles. You will also have to decide whether you want a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.
  Room size and viewing distance
  Viewing angles
  Aspect ratio
Tuner(s) and Signal Support
Choosing the right tuner(s) and signal support can be one of the trickiest parts of choosing a new TV. See the descriptions below for an overview of the tuner(s) and signal support offered on different types of TVs. Keep in mind that different manufacturers may use different terminology to refer to their TVs, so what one manufacturer calls an HDTV may be an HD-ready TV with another manufacturer. Check to see which tuners are built in and what the maximum signal support is to be sure which type of TV you are looking at. All TVs are compatible with both cable and satellite service.
  SDTV (standard-definition television)
  HD monitor and HD-ready TV
Other Features
  Picture quality
Now You Are Ready to Shop for a TV
Now that you know a little bit more about the features available to you, you're ready to explore the large selection of TVs Fingerhut has to offer and decide which TV is right for you. Remember to start by narrowing your selection:
  • Type (CRT, LCD or plasma)
  • Screen size
  • TV tuner(s) and signal support
From there, determine what other features you need and want, including features related to:
  • Picture quality
  • Connections
  • Convenience
  • Sound
If you're planning to use your new TV primarily for movies, sports or gaming, consider the following:

Movie lovers - Look for the highest resolution possible, a widescreen aspect ratio, 3:2 pulldown, progressive-scan technology and simulated surround sound.

Sports fans - Consider a plasma TV or an LCD TV with a 120Hz refresh rate. Also look for two-tuner picture-in-picture and simulated surround sound.

Gamers - Look for front/side video jacks and LCDs with a fast response time.