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Entertainment Furniture Buying Guide 16

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Important Considerations for Buying Entertainment Furniture
There are a variety of entertainment furniture and wall-mount options currently available for both flat-panel and CRT TVs that will not only provide a home for your TV but also add a stylish accent piece to your home decor. For a sleek look, consider a wall mount to display your flat-panel TV on a wall. CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and other media also need storage, and the addition of a media cabinet to your media room will help keep those items organized. The most important factors to consider before buying are size and weight and which type of stand or mount you prefer. Other features to consider include material and finish, cable management and hardware and assembly, among others.

Helpful Hints
  Bring the theater home
  Save space
  Keep your style
Size and Weight Consideration/How to Choose the Right One
  TV Stands and Entertainment Centers
  Media Storage Cabinets and Wall Units
  Wall Mounts
Entertainment Furniture Types
  TV stands
  Entertainment centers
  Media storage
Wall Mount Types
  Flat-panel LCD and plasma TVs
Other features
  TV stands and entertainment centers
  Cable management
  Built-in component shelving and media storage
  Media Storage
  Wall Mounts
Quick Tips for Purchasing Entertainment Furniture
Complement both your home decor and your TV with the addition of an entertainment center, TV stand, media storage or wall mount as part of your home theater setup.

When choosing your entertainment center, wall mount or media storage, remember the following:
  • Size and weight capacity of the stand
  • Whether you are looking to build a home theater, keep your style or conserve space
  • There are various types of entertainment furniture and storage units
  • There are various wall mount types