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Credit Education: Credit Tips

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  • Pay your bills on time, every time, and you will avoid late payment charges. Paying off your balance early reduces the total amount you pay in interest charges. You could also be rewarded with a credit line increase.
  • Pay more than your minimum amount due and you will pay down your balance sooner and pay less than you would by just making minimum payments.
  • Be careful to not always spend all of your available credit. It's wise to keep some available for those time when you really need to make a purchase.
  • Before you shop, set a reasonable budget of how much you can comfortably afford to pay each month. Do not purchase more with credit than you can easily manage.
  • Fingerhut is great place to establish or help you improve your credit since we evaluate customers' credit on a regular basis. Making smart buys, establishing a reasonable monthly budget and not over extending yourself will help you use your credit wisely.
  • Many factors are considered when evaluating credit line increases, but by making on-time payments and by paying more than the minimum amount, your account may be reviewed to see if you qualify for more credit.
  • Making timely, monthly payments helps you qualify for specialty catalogs, e-mail promotions, web-only merchandise, free gifts with orders.
  • In order to continually offer our customers good value, we must carefully manage the increasing costs of producing catalogs. Maintaining good credit is one way to ensure we continue to send you catalogs.
  • By making on-time, monthly payments, you can avoid paying late fees.
  • By paying more than the minimum amount each month, you will reduce your interest charges, possibly receive a credit line increase, and reduce the total cost of your purchase.
  • Missed or late payments will not only result in late fees, but can also result in a decrease of your credit line. Protect your credit history by making timely payments.
  • Poor payment history can quickly result in late fees, higher interest charges and take longer to pay off. Poor credit management may lead to a decrease in your credit line or the closing of your account.